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Dried Papaya Chunks


If you are a health cautious individual who likes to stay active and enjoy healthy, natural snacks, Papaya Chunks are for YOU! Papaya Chunks have a very unique and distinctive flavor you will immediately notice! Our PREMIUM Papaya Chunks are - Packed fresh - TASTY - and kept in SEALED bags for extra security and freshness - Bags are resealable so that you can enjoy them FRESH every time.

  • Dried Papaya Chunks In Resealable Bags!!!
  • No Sulphur. No Color Additives. Low Sugar. Non-GMO. Vegan.
  • Perfect, bite sized snack that is a great source of dietary fiber.
  • Storage Instruction: After opening your pouch, place them in an airtight or heavy-duty plastic bag to keep freshness locked in.
  • Packed in USA